Multi-wall Paper Bags

Trombini is among the largest manufacturers of bags in the world and one of the main producers in Latin America, with international quality standard, which enables export to the Americas, the Caribbean and Africa.

Trombini supplies the Brazilian and the international market with multi-wall paper bags that are a reference, produced with the state-of-the-art conversion equipment technology, for transport and storage of products such as cement, grains, animal food, fertilizers, flours, sugar and so many more in the food, agricultural business and civil construction segments.

Fully integrated, Trombini operates in its productive process with planned forests to be collected and replanted, which provide a great contribution in the production of cellulose and paper in an environmentally responsible way.

In its wide unit in Curitiba, Trombini possesses state-of-the-art equipment with advanced technology for high performance and quality production and productivity.

Trombini´s multi-wall paper bags are developed with 100% virgin fiber paper, which assures the highest quality and according to the needs of resistance, weight, volume, stacking, logistics and protection of each packed product.

From the design to the production of the multi-wall paper bags – which can be glued, open end, sewn or valve, besides being mixed with a combination, etc (such as, for example, humidity barriers) -, Trombini´s precision is total. Always.

Trombini multi-wall paper bags combine the high quality paper resistance with elasticity and porosity in order to fulfill the most demanding market needs, protecting the packed product.

They are absolutely correct in terms of environment and100% natural, biodegradable and recyclable.

Trombini also provides its customers with full technical assistance in the definition of the characteristics of each of these packaging, aiming to obtain better performance of the packing equipment. In addition, it offers in-company training at its customers’ in order to improve the packing techniques.

Trombini´s commitment is the full satisfaction of its customers with total dedication – which has assured maintenance and loyalty for decades.


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The bags have characteristics that enable excellent printing quality, providing excellent visibility to the customer´s brand at the point of sale. The paper used in the production is the extensible Kraft refined at high consistency, natural or white color, which presents excellent mechanical properties and is fully constituted of virgin fiber coming from forests planted for this purpose.

In case of a need to provide a barrier for different permeates, such as oxygen and water vapor, an extruded plastic film can be added to the paper, milled or loose, to be in direct contact with the bagged product, or as an intermediary layer. In case of BACL and PBDS styles it is possible to seal the plastic film on the lower end. The definition of the type of plastic materials present in the film (PEAD, PEBD, PEBDL, EVOH and additives) depends on the bagged product.