Corrugated Cardboard

Trombini is the fourth largest producer of Corrugated Cardboard Packaging in Brazil and one of the main producers in Latin America with two units with state-of-the-art technology in Curitiba (in Paraná) and in Farroupilha (in Rio Grande do Sul). With these units, it serves more than 30% of the demand for this type of packaging in the South of Brazil.

With the most modern production equipment on the Brazilian market, a highly qualified and motivated team and unparalleled services for design, assistance, sales and products development, Trombini produces 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging – tailored made for each need, each product, use, packing, transport and storage, in each company´s logistics.

Totally integrated, Trombini starts its productive process with planned forests, which are collected and replanted, providing a great contribution to the production of cellulose and paper to be used in the Corrugated Cardboard manufacturing, in an environmentally correct form.

Furthermore, Trombini is one of the largest recyclers of paper for packaging in Brazil, which assures an exemplary sustainability cycle.

Trombini´s main differential is the personalized and dedicated service it provides to each customer – so much that it maintains its customers’ loyalty for decades. In-company trainings and technical assistance assure better packing performance permanently for all Trombini´s customers´ products.

This is how Trombini operates, creating and producing perfect Corrugated Cardboard and Multi-wall Packaging for each need, of each customer, each product, each market – either fruits and vegetables, or refrigerated, crystal and porcelain, glass, drugs, flowers, perfumes and cosmetics, domestic electric appliances, big or small equipment, among so many other products.

The really fundamental is the protection that Trombini´s cardboard packaging provides to all products it packs.


Get to know the factory

Get to know the factory

Get to know the factory

Get to know the factory


Trombini offers to the market a full service in any needs of packaging with Corrugated Cardboard and multi-wall, as well as in the production of efficient displays for all points of sale, using cellulose fiber compounds, adequate to each situation, including full technical assistance to the customers in all the stages of creation, production and testing processes.