Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

The manufacture of corrugated cardboard consists of the process of assembling a material with three or more structures.

Generally, it consists of three sheets, two outer (flat element) and an inner core (wavy element) that varies according to the type of wave/flute you want to obtain.


The main characteristic of corrugated sheets is the types and sizes of their waves. We can categorize them into: E, B, C, BC and EB • A FLUTE – 5mm • B FLUTE: 3mm • C FLUTE: 4mm • E FLUTE: 1.5mm They are also classified by single and double sides. • F FLUTE:.2mm • BC FLUTE: Double Wall – 6mm -Combination of B + C flutes • EB FLUTE: Double Wall – 4.5mm -Combination of E + B flute

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Mainly serves the cardboard market. They can be made in different waves/flutes, according to the specifications of each product, and it is used for the production of cardboard boxes and also as a protection part.

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