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Trombini is a company that produces corrugated cardboard and multilayer paper bags for various types of packaging. It has factories in the three states of the southern region of Brazil and supplies for customers from all over the country.

Who We Are

Who We Are

We are one of the largest companies in the area of corrugated cardboard boxes and multilayer paper bags in Brazil. This is guaranteed by the factories present in the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) which allow coverage of the domestic market and excellence in product quality. To learn more about Trombini, watch the institutional video.


The economist Renato Trombini has chaired Trombini since 1994, but has worked in the family businesses since he was 12. He started as a clerk at Casa Raimundo, at a grocery store in Pilarzinho (state of Curitiba- Brazil) Geraldo, his father, and uncles Sinibaldo and Mirtillo were partners in this and some other enterprises, and by that time (late 1940’s), six teenage cousins were already venturing in business.

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Know our history

Trombini S/A was founded in 1941 by Mirtillo Trombini, who left his job determined to open his own company. In 1945, he and his brothers began to expand the business until, in 1962, they built an industrial group with paper-making machines.

From then on, they have increased their area of operation by opening factories outside the State of Paraná , becoming one of the largest companies in the sector in Brazil.

All this was only possible thanks to constant investments in the most modern equipment and technology, as well as the development of a team capable of making Trombini a more competitive and competent company



(Português do Brasil) Papelão Ondulado

Rua José Casagrande, 803 Pavilhão 01 Vista Alegre – Curitiba – PR CEP 80820-590 Fone: (41) 2169-1100 Fax: (41) 2169-1420

Celulose e Papel

Rua Olympio Trombini, 619 Vista Alegre – Curitiba – PR CEP 82020-040 Fone: (41) 2169-1100 Fax: (41) 2169-1181

Unidade de Sacos

Rua José Casagrande, 803 Pavilhão 01 Vista Alegre – Curitiba – PR CEP 80820-590 Fone: (41) 2169-1100 Fax: (41) 2169-1414

Santa Catarina

(Português do Brasil) Papelão Ondulado e Celulose e Papel

Avenida Caçador, 93 Centro Fraiburgo – SC CEP 89580-000 Fone: (49) 3256-2022 / (49) 3256-2000 Fax: (49) 3251-2025

Rio Grande do Sul

(Português do Brasil) Papelão Ondulado

Rodovia RS 122 – Km 61 Distrito Industrial Farroupilha – RS CEP 95178-000 Fone: (54) 2109-7000 Fax: (54) 2109-7001

Papel Reciclado

Rua Fernando Ferrari, 1439
Canela – RS CEP 95680-000
Fone: (54) 3278-6250

Regional Sales Offices Corrugated Cardboard

(Português do Brasil) Londrina – PR

Fone: (43) 2101-6800 Fax: (43) 2101-6801

Blumenau – SC

Fone: (47) 3702-2500 Fax: (47) 3702-2508

São Paulo – SP

Fone: (11) 2192-3800

Engenharia de Produtos Farroupilha

Fone: (54) 2109-7000


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