Forest and Recycling


Reforestation and Recycling

The entire ecosystem of the planet has undergone changes over time, be it through natural cycles or human interventions.
These changes have significant consequences for nature and for all living creatures in an interdependent relationship with natural resources and with environmental conditions.
It is known that the maintenance and preservation of forests are essential for stimulation and the continuity of the biodiversity of animal and plant species, fundamental elements in preserving the ecological balance that affects the quality of the soil, water, and mainly the air. Furthermore, forests account for means of subsistence and shelter for people and can also serve as an indicator of quality of life.

For over 40 years, the raw material for Trombini’s products has been gathered from replanted forest areas. The action has been intensified in recent years, and it is from the partnership with the local community and small producers that an area of approximately 3000 hectares is reforested, diversifying the planting among the species Pinus taeda and Eucalyptus sp.
The forests are located within a radius of up to 150km from the third plant in Fraiburgo, Santa Catarina(Brazil). The same project allows previously unproductive areas to generate jobs and income, meeting the need for resources, workers and owners.

The return of the product developed based on the raw material used (paper, corrugated cardboard) occurs through the recycling process. What has been discarded, may return and become a new product and have another use, directly contributing to reduce the generation of waste and to mitigate the environmental impact caused by its incorrect disposal in nature.
In this segment, it is possible to measure all the advantages of the act of recycling. The stages of sorting and correct disposal of waste, to decrease consumer demand and save natural resources, as well as the generation of jobs and income through association with cooperatives, providing the social inclusion of workers in the provision of services.
The importance of sustainable measures within production processes reflects the changes of mindset regarding conscious consumption and the development of sustainable and biodegradable products, which can be reused after final disposal.
Reforestation and recycling are inaugural steps, but they are fundamental within the corporate sustainability outlook, reaching not only products, but also processes
Thus, we can glimpse viable alternatives for a future in which the next generations are not harmed, and that our planet continues to exist with all its beauty, abundance and diversity.


(Português do Brasil) Toda a inteligência do homem em planejar, criar e produzir demanda que ele utilize os recursos naturais ao seu alcance.

O mundo industrial estabeleceu a máxima para esse conceito e ao entrar em descontrole, produziu fenômenos de grande impacto e com muitas sequelas ao meio ambiente.

Entretanto, a consciência ecológica no mundo empresarial vem despertando a necessidade de ter o conhecimento, senso e sabedoria para usufruir com responsabilidade os recursos naturais finitos.

É a partir dessa visão que se estabelece um compromisso com a natureza e com as pessoas que habitam o nosso planeta. A todo momento surgem ideias, conceitos e soluções para que a produção e o consumo de mercadorias sejam realizados da maneira mais consciente possível.

O que pertence a terra, precisa retornar a ela. É preciso que nos responsabilizemos e busquemos alternativas sustentáveis que garantam todas as formas de vida.

A Trombini Embalagens S/A assume o compromisso de avançar em medidas e procedimentos direcionados ao desenvolvimento sustentável. Dos processos iniciais de produção, até a entrega das soluções finais em embalagens, a garantia de que os processos acontecerão de maneira limpa e a partir de cadeias com autogestão são priorizadas.


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