Certification and Awards

All Trombini factories are certified and are in compliance to use the FSC® seal in produced packaging solutions. The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is a non-governmental organization that aims to ensure the sustainable use of the world’s forests, ensuring their availability for future generations.

The FSC® requirements are related to the compliance of social, ecological and economic rights in the use of forests, so the fulfillment of these requirements provides Trombini with a guarantee of origin, with the purchase of commodities  from well-managed forests; market recognition, serving conscious consumers; and attesting to social responsibility, translating into actions its commitment to this cause.

The Bag factory – Trombini Embalagens S.A. (Curitiba/PR), received the Recommendation of AIB – International for compliance with the requirements of the Pre-Requirements and Food Safety Program.

This means that the practices adopted for the production of packaging at Trombini meet the most strictest requirements of Food Contact Packaging Safety. And they guarantee the supply of Safe Packaging for both the Customer and the end consumer.

The Trombini Management System is ISO 9001 certified. The compliance with the requirements of this Standard endorses the capacity to supply solutions in packaging that meet the customer’s requirements and other applicable requirements through the standardization of processes, in addition to reiterating the company’s concern in promoting continuous improvement by constantly expanding the relevance of the products delivered.

This is another example of Trombini’s care and pioneering concern for sustainability and the environment. The certificate certifies the amount of greenhouse gas emissions avoided by the use of renewable energy from various energy sources. The measurement made for the certificate’s emission, leads to the endorsement of the GHP Protocol Corporate Standard.

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All the human expertise in planning, creating and producing demands the usage of natural resources within its reach.

The industrial world pushed this concept to the limit and by losing control it produced phenomena of great impact and many consequences to the environment.

However, ecological awareness in the business world has been awakening the need to have the knowledge, sense and wisdom to responsibly enjoy finite natural resources.

It is from this vision that a commitment is established with nature and with the people who inhabit our planet. Ideas, concepts and solutions arise at all times so that the production and consumption of goods is carried out in the most conscious way possible.

What belongs to the earth, must return to it. We must take responsibility and seek sustainable alternatives that can guarantee all forms of life. 

Trombini Embalagens S/A is committed to advancing measures and procedures aimed at sustainable development. From the initial production processes to the delivery of the final packaging solutions, the guarantee that the processes will take place in a clean manner and from self-managed chains are prioritized.


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